Our Works

Pride Brick Cleaning is Licensed through the Department of Fair Trading and has achieved the Brick Cleaning accreditation through the recognised industry body THINK BRICK,  the Clay Brick and Paver Institute of Australia, and all work is performed in accordance with their industry recommendations and standards.  We are also listed on their website as a preferred and recommended accredited Brick Cleaner which is recognised throughout our industry, meaning that using our services for your brick cleaning needs, ensures that your masonary provider will honour the warranty on your bricks.

We subcontract our services to all types of business that range from the sole trader builders through to the larger residential builders and developers, as well as the commerical and industrial builders that hold contract with government agencies at local, state and federal levels, and we are keen to build on our experience and establish Pride Brick Cleaning as a direct contractor/supplier to the various contractors currently operating with the NSW region.

Recent government projects that Pride Brick Cleaning have subcontactored our brick cleaning services to include the Building Education Revolution (BER) Program funded sites such as, Mayfield West Public School, Chertsey Public School, West Wallsend Public School, and Caves Beach Public School.  Works have also been conducted on the Department of Housing NSW sites located at Noberta Street and Gosford Street, The Entrance, Ernest Street, Belmont and Josephine and Boyd Streets, Swansea on behalf of Southern Cross Constructions.

All works are performed on a Subcontractor basis for developers, and below is a brief snapshot of some of builders that we have contracted our services to.

Allcastle Homes
AV Jennings
Beechwood Homes
Caviler Homes

Coral Homes
Eagle Homes
G Developments
Governer Group
Hillman Homes
Hotondo Homes
Huxley Homes
J Marshall Constructions
Kendale Homes

Lilly Homes
Masterton Homes

Mavid Constructions
Montgomery Homes
North Constructions

Red Eye Constructions
RCMD Constructions
Southern Cross Projects
Thomas Paul Building

Thomas Paul Property Group
Vision Homes
Wisdom Homes

In order to achieve the best possible results it is imperitive that we use the best products available within the marketplace, therefore we purchase our products from Formula Chemicals who specialise in quality production and distribution of the products that assists us in achieving the required results to our clients.